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At Home Transitional Care Services

Presidente Home Care supports the hospital to home transition for clients who are at high risk for re-hospitalization or emergency care visits. Our health care team follows a patient in the home for a period of time (approximately 4-6 weeks) after a hospital discharge with the goal of preventing re-hospitalization, providing caregiver education, and training, coordinating post-hospital care, assisting with adaptive equipment and needs, and supervising the patient’s treatment plan. 

Who would benefit most from Transitional Care?

Patients who benefit and qualify for Transitional Care are those patients who have had a recent (within 1 week) hospitalization for any illnesses such as influenza, pneumonia, heart attacks, strokes, cancers or any major surgeries that have drastically changed the health status of the patient.  These patients can also be returning home after an extended stay in a Long Term Care facility or a Skilled Nursing Unit or a Rehabilitation Facility. There may also be multiple medication changes that overwhelm the patients and their families. Often times there is medical equipment to manage new and changed medications (also known as poly-pharmacy), there may be multiple doses of the same or similar medications or just too many medications to manage or prescribed by several medical providers.

When are individuals most at risk of being rehospitalized?

A patient is at high risk for returning to the hospital within the first 5-7 days after discharge from the hospital. It is during this time that many important things have to happen and often require the supervision and coordination of a care manager.  These are trained nurses who assess the needs of the patient and family and coordinate care and services in the home to make the transition into the home as smooth and comfortable. At Presidente Home Care, our nurses coordinate with members of your health care team, including:  doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, medical equipment, physical, occupational and speech Therapists, and medical social workers to ensure that the transition is safe and successful.

The best care is on your side

Presidente Home Care provides quality care and helps our clients continue their daily routine in the comfort of their own homes. Our professional and skilled caretakers can assist with the following daily tasks:

Medication Management

Medical Care Management



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We understand that choosing a home care company may be a difficult decision. For over 15 years,

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We created a custom care plan that matches the needs of your loved one. Together, we will ensure that the right services and provided. 

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We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provided care when your loved one needs it most. We are always on call for your family. 

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Our care providers go through an extensive background check before they are hired by Presidente Home Care to ensure you peace of mind.

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